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Current vacancies

Paulides B.V. currently offers the following vacancies (please send your reaction to info@paulidesbv.nl):

CNC Operator

As a CNC operator at Paulides B.V., you prepare turning and milling activities based on supplied specifications and drawings. Various materials can be processed with the machines you work with. Setting up, operating, adjusting and maintaining machines are all part of the job package of the CNC operator. Familiarity with Mitsubishi controls is a plus.

Paulides B.V. vacancy - CNC operator

Electrical winder / "Elektrotechnisch wikkelaar"

As an electrical winder you have experience with rotors for DC motors, mainly with winding them. Within Paulides B.V. you will will be responsible for winding rotors and will mainly work on direct current (DC motors) motors. Experience with AC motors (alternating current) or transformers is certainly a plus, but not a requirement. With your technical insight, you can work on current projects in our factory independently and deliver a well-finished product to your colleagues in the assembly department within the set lead time. You report directly to the plant manager.

Paulides B.V. vacancy - Electrical winder

Electrical assembly / "Elektronica assemblage"

In the electric motor assembly you assemble the DC motors for different applications. In larger or smaller series, even with repeat orders of one piece, we build the desired DC motors together into precisely tested and carefully packaged DC motors. At Paulides B.V. we always carry out the complete mechanical assembly of the entire end product. Many products find their way directly from our company in Sprang-Capelle to end users all over the world.

Paulides B.V. vacancy - Electrical assembly

Work-study trajectory / "Leerwerktraject" (BBL)

Internships and graduation projecs are always possible at Paulides B.V. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.