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More than 80 years of experience

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Paulides B.V. is a Dutch SME based in Sprang-Capelle established in 1938 and producer of DC supplied motors, where Paulides B.V. is capable of delivering single to relatively large orders.

The brushed DC commutator machines currently manufactured by Paulides B.V. range in size from 150W to 25kW and from 12V to 220V-DC and from 500rpm to 4000rpm. The machines can be either wound-field or permanent magnet excited, depending upon customer specification.

Paulides B.V. is also capable of designing machines for other motor manufacturers, where Paulides B.V. for instance supplies the first prototypes whereafter the production of the machines moves to the customer. Paulides B.V. has a lot of design capability in house, not only solely for brushed DC machines, but also for more exotic motor technologies, for instants brushless DC or AC machines (including 3 position sensors or encoder), switched reluctance machines, induction machines, etc.

Most standard electromotors of Paulides B.V. are used for battery supplied applications, e.g. bowscrews for yachts or battery supplied cleaning machines. However, also machines for more specialised applications can be designed. For example in one of the current applications are the brushes and commutator completely submerged in oil.

It is a feature common to most SME's that the products of Paulides B.V. are customer specific. However, by standardisation of design components a cost competitive product can be realised.