About us
A company that exists for already 70 years is not an ephemeron. It was started during the depression, since no work existed for a freshly graduated engineer, in dadís workshop behind the parental home. A business plan was not at the foundation.
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DC Motors
Cupa bow screws

Alpatek - Distributeur van de producten van Paulides BV

Uneto-VNI - De ondenermersorganisatie voor de installatiebranche en de technische detailhandel.

Advanced Electromagnetics BV - Specialized in the design and realization of electrical machines and electromechanical systems.
Kerkstraat 13 | 5161EA Sprang-Capelle | The Netherlands | Email

Paulides BV is a Dutch SME based in Sprang-Capelle established in 1938 and producer of DC supplied motors. The company is capable of delivering single to relatively large orders. The brushed DC commutator machines currently manufactured by Paulides BV range in size from 150W to 25kW and from 12V to 220V-DC and from 500rpm to 4000rpm.Read more