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The factory was started during the depression, since no job was available fro a freshly graduated engineer, in dad's workshop behind the parents home. The calculations and design were made on pieces of the newspaper and on the back of cigar boxes. In this way, during the war, something, although slowly, happened in Sprang. After the war, in a new building, the current factory was initiated.

Our factory has always been a family business, where everybody who was around made hers or his contribution. For this we would like to thank the entire family.

Without doubt, the most important persons for a factory are the employees. That is why we would like to thank our past and current employees. Especially we like to mention the employees who worked at home (winding the armatures), who, mostly behind the scenes, contributed tremendously to the success of Paulides BV. There is one employee we especially like to point out, Gerrit Haisma, who has worked for 60 years and three generations within Paulides BV.
Further, we would also like to thank our suppliers, most who have supplied to us for many years, for the enjoyable contacts.Also, we would also thank our customers for the confidence they showed in our products.
This website contains the summary of 70 years of Paulides BV. On the on side it describes our products and applications and on the other side the development of the factory and the buildings.

1935 - 1937
How it started

On the second of December 1935 J. Paulides started as a trainee at the communal tram company in more
1938 - 1950
The beginning

At the back of the parental hous in a shed. There, at the "Pad", was in 1938 in Sprang the start of the company we now know as Paulides more
1951 - 1960

After the war, business went so well that expansion was needed. In 1954 they build a little factory(80m2) along the Kerkstraat in more

1961 - 1970

In 1961 Paulides started an LLC with Gerrit Neuteboom from Spijkstaal, producer of electrical vehicles. In 1965, in the factory, a room was build for more

1971 - 1980

In the seventies the factory was at its all-time low. One of the reasons was the decreasing demand for diesel driven generators. But as you can often see, in the regresion they started a new more

1981 - 1990

A request at the end of the seventies of sweeper manufacturer Gansow led to a compund motor of 0.75kW at 1300rpm. In first instance this motor was supplied as a prototype for a new more

1991 - 2000

In 1994 Jo Paulides retires from the company. Sjaak Paulides becomes the new owner of Paulides BV. New customers request ever more tailor-made more

2001 - 2008

With the introduction of the A166PM in 2003, we have extended our permanent magnet portofolio with a very powerful motor. By using the advantages of bonded rare earth more