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2001 - 2008 A166PM

With the introduction of the A166PM in 2003, we have extended our permanent magnet portfolio with a very powerful motor. By using the advantages of bonded rare earth magnets we have designed a machine that can also deliver a relatively large power from a small volume. Also is this compact volume a large improvement over induction machines, e.g. compared to the same size standard IEC 80 motor, the A166PM delivers about 3 times the power. Further, also the efficiency is considerably improved, where in battery-supplied applications and a directly connected motor, an efficiency of >80% in almost the entire torque-speed characteristic is not an exception.

Recently also many request are for a motor that can deliver even more power than the A166PM. This motor was not yet part of Paulides BV range and hence a special lamination has been designed within Paulides BV. This motor utilises the capabilities of sintered rare earth magnets, which enables an even higher power density (in comparison to similar size induction machine about 4 times). This motor can also be supplied with different number of poles, which enables the motor to be used in slow speeds and low and elevated voltage applications.

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