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1991 - 2000

In 1994 Jo Paulides retires from the company. Sjaak Paulides becomes the new owner of Paulides BV. New costumers request ever more tailor-made products. Various new types of motors with permanent magnet excitation are designed and supplied to numerous applications, e.g. to industrial scrubbers and sweepers. From 1998 is grandson Johan Paulides active in the factory, he is academically educated and adds to the engineering knowledge within Paulides BV. This results in an ideal combination of engineering and practice.

Hako industrial sweeper (type 36BHA09)

In the nineties a start was made with the design of a short drive system for a sweeping brush of Hako industrial cleaning machines (one of the globally leading companies of machine for in- and external cleaning). The sweeping brush drive unit was made in cooperation with Bockwoldt, where Paulides BV supplied the motor and Bockwoldt made the gearbox and assembled the system. To ensure a short drive, the motor end-plate was only assembled to test the machine in Paulides BV, however, later removed to be replaced with the end-plate of the gearbox, where the shaft gearing and casing directly connected to the motor. This brushed DC motor was a compound machine of 0.8kW at 2300rpm. The motor is unique in that it contained four shunt coils and two series coils. The reason is that too little space was available for the shunt coils on the pole shoes, hence, the remaining shunt coil had to be integrated on top of the series coil.

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