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Tour boat motor type 48PB8

In 1994, a request was made from Hank in the ‘Biesbosch’ for a battery supplied motor for a tour boat application, where solar panels were fitted on the roof to charge the batteries during the day. This challenge was accepted and a suitable motor was in-house designed and build. To much satisfaction a 48VDC, 8kW at 1500rpm motor was supplied. This force-cooled motor uses a series excited wound field and interpoles in series with the armature. Further, also the control (including a joystick and contactor) was supplied and installed. This motor has now been used for 14 years and, besides a few maintenance occasions, only a temperature controlled switched has been installed which ensures that the fan is not excited at low temperatures (less noise). For a new aluminium ship, the complete electrical system was supplied, i.e. the drive motor, bowthruster, solarpanels including electronics, contactors, joysticks, brushed DC controller and all this was installed on the boat.

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