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1986 – formation of Alpatek BV

The name Alpatek is build up from Al(exander) Pa(ulides) and Tek(technique). The starting letters of both founders and owners of the trade company and, of course, the basis for their products. Commercial a ´smart´ name: beginning with an ´A´, so you automatically are at the top of all classifications. The trading-company sells products of Paulides BV and other suppliers. Moreover Alpatek has access to the production capacity of Paulides BV; the factory has the possibility to combine their own designs with products of others. Electrical machines (own product) and gearboxes (product supplier) are for example combined. In this way drive trains for large and small electric vehicles are established. Paulides BV tests the new product and completely assemblies them. Since 1986 a large customer database has been established, both nationally and internationally. Alpatek supplies approximately 60% of the products direct and indirect to foreign companies, in Europe and globally. For more information you can check the website:

The cooperation between Spijkstaal and Paulides BV also resulted in the design of bowthrusters for yachts. Together, an efficient noiseless brushed DC motor (SP50; 3.7kW at 1600rpm) was designed that did not occupy a lot of space within the yachts, since the motor is placed by welding a steel tube crossways through the bow or the stern and provides a means to direct-drive a propeller (most efficient solution). At the moment, these bow- and stern-thrusters are available in 12VDC (CP40), 24VDC (CP50 and CP90) and 48VDC (CP40 and CP90), available in the following thrust-levels, i.e. 40kgf (CP40), 50kgf (CP50) and 90kgf (CP90).

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