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Gansow veegmachine

A request at the end of the seventies of sweeper manufacturer Gansow led to a compund motor of 0.75kW at 1300rpm. In first instance was this motor supplied as a prototype for a new sweeper, where the motor via a belt-drive was connected to the brush. The large quantaties are arranged by Lex van der Kamp and this resulted in Alpatek. In time almost 10,000 motors have been supplied, which were transported by ourselves to Bergkamen-Rünthe, Germany.
Alpatek generator (AD65)

Shipbuilders requested a powerful DC shunt generator. These 65A generators are being used in Ward Leonard motor control systems for electrical steer applications in ships, for example for the automatic pilot (…) on the river. The diesel engine drives the AD65 (1.5kW at 1600rpm) which supplies a NOS1,5 (1.5kW at 1500rpm) steering motor. The Ad65 is one of the first motors within Paulides BV that utilize a wave winding instead of a lap winding. This, togther with the lamination design, ensures that the generator saturates, which limits the output power of the generator. Lately the profile wire in the armature is being replaced by multiple parallel strands. Additionally Paulides BV builds a more powerful shunt generator, i.e. the ADM5 (5.0kW at 1600rpm).

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