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1961 - 1970

In 1961 Paulides an LLC was started with Gerrit Neutenboom from Spijkstaal, producer of electrical vehicles. In 1965, in the factory, a room build for varnishing, to insulate the windings. In 1967 the partnership with Neuteboom ended. Jo Paulides bought his part of the shares and continued independently. His talent as a designer and inventor resultes, among other things, in a weld transformer for 110 and 220 VDC (mainly used in coasters) and diesel driven weld/mains generators.

Soon the factory enlarge by 70 square metres. In 1961 followed by a production facility of 450 square metres, a canteen, a space for cleaning the hands and a central heating room. In that year the production of brushed DC motors started, which were produced for the transportation of people and goods.

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