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1951 - 1960
After the war business went so well that expansion was needed. In 1954 they build a little factory (80m2) along the Kerkstraat in Sprang-Capelle. Business was going well in the fifties for Jo Paulides. Their were ever more repairs, an extending production with various motors for the leather and shoes industry, hot-air hand dryer and several single phase machine types.

Grinding machine 1953

The grinding machine for van Wees is one of the First applications of the Paulides Electro asynchronous three phase alternating current machine. There were two versions of this 0.9pk motor, namely a two-pole 2800rpm and a four pole 1420rpm. These were wound with pre-formed coils in a lamination of 24 slots with 135 or 110 turns per coil and a wire diameter of 0.7mm. As with all parts was also the squirrel cage armature self fabricated by welding copper bars in a armature lamination of Kienle und Spiess with an oxyacetylene welding equipment placed in the attic, where the extraction system was placed.

Hand Dryer

The hand- or hair dryer (2.1kWh) is one of the First complete systems (1951) being designed and produced in-house. In this, a universalmotor was combined with a heat spiral and a time switch to enable the machine to automatically switch off (variable between 10 and 180sec). The air is being drawn from the back of the machine and guided past the motor (0.1kWh) and the heat spiral (2kWh) to achieve a nice flow of warm air (to max 100°C) that enables you to dry your hands or hair. It needs noting that all the parts where self fabricated, for example, the metal casing was forced over an wooden former, the motor is a two pole series wounded universal motor and the heat spiral is made of wound high resistance wire. A number of these systems were exported (e.g. to Libanon), but also locally used in the “jaarbeurs”, the “Elisabeth” hospital, etc.

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